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Lights, Camera, ACTION!

If you are new to the SFG world, you may not know that we are not afraid of being in front of the camera. Whether it be a witty commercial, or a recap of one of famous contests (see previous post: November To Remember), our Creative Team is always hard at work designing the next SFG video.

Here we have our first installment of “SFG LIVE.” It’s a great look into our culture and how being a part of SFG is more than just insurance sales.




October Promotions

We would like to send out a congratulations to our agents that are doing great in the field. The following agents received a promotion in the month of October! Keep up the great work!

G. Roth

B. Nidiffer

C. Bogut

C. Graeve

S. Rondeau

L. Yeager

S. Works

J. Spieldenner

November To Remember

November to Remember LogoWho likes a little competition? We do! This November, 100 agents will be pitted against each other, fighting and scraping for the prize…a FREE trip to Belize.

This is just of of the many reasons why Symmetry Financial Group is the leading insurance brokerage in the nation. Work hard…Play hard.

November To Remember Trailer

…and that’s a wrap

Last month, Symmetry Financial Group hosted their 2013 Summer Leadership Conference. Held at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Buckhead, GA, the ever growing company brought together agency leaders, key leaders, managers, agents and prospective agents for a weekend of training, teambuilding and fun.

Starting on Thursday evening, SFG entered the weekend with a leadership meeting that welcomed agency leaders and key leaders from all across the nation. The opportunity to reconnect with all the leaders who have helped bu1102666_10151862905518674_22175615_oild this company was a perfect way to start the weekend.

Friday’s agenda was highlighted as one of the company’s most successful conference days to date. Hitting a record number of attendees, SFG’s Leadership Conference was filled with motivating guests, powerful speeches and most of all, it was packed with useful information on how the company can continue to be at the top of the insurance game.

The day started out with the announcement of the Symmetry Financial Group’s Advisory Board.  Edward Pritchett, Marshall Wayland, Ed Orell, Dick Sylvester and Lynn Watkins were given recognition in front of the capacity crowd.  The meeting also recognized top managers in the company and featured many moving moments about how SFG has changed the lives of 1116072_10151862915923674_795711300_othe recognized leaders and managers.

The first day of the Summer Leadership Conference continued and featured a full list of speakers and videos. Guest speakers included representatives from American Amicable, United Home Life, LSW and some of the agency’s top agency leaders. Emotionally charged speeches were also given by Casey Watkins and Brandon Ellison, two of the masterminds behind SFG.

Saturday’s activities started bright and early with representatives from The License Coach and a panel that featured the company’s top producers and leaders. Taking questions for approximately an hour, the panel discussed an array of topics about the industry and how agents can make the most out of their career with SFG. The day session concluded with great speeches by agency leaders, Jon Woodbury, Edward Pritchett and SFG partner, Brian Pope.

The 4th edition of SFG Jeopardy pitted four of SFG’s brightest leaders against each other. Fighting for a $500 lead credit, the contestants put their knowledge to the test and agency leader, Lynn Watkins came out on top. Better luck next time Pritchett!553434_10151862891398674_505822012_n

The afternoon had the company split into different breakout sessions that were led by agency leaders and managers. This gave agents and prospective agents the opportunity to get some great pointers on many different topics.

The weekend concluded with a fun-filled gala dinner, awards ceremony and an 80’s Karaoke Idol competition. The bi-annual awards ceremony gave recognition to the company’s top producers, recruiters, and recent breakout agency leaders. The 80’s themed party also handed out a “Best Dressed Award” to Edward Pritchett. His spot on rendition of “Mr. T” was an easy choice for the crowd.1119880_10151862925178674_858159758_o

Before the evening came to an end, the SFG 80’s Karaoke Idol competition wowed the crowd. 12 of SFG’s finest entered the competition with some of the 80’s best tunes. The final round found Nancy Dominguez leading the pack with her goosebump-inducing rendition of “I Dreamed a Dream” from Les Miserables. The showstopping version brought the crowd to their feet for a lengthened standing ovation. Dominguez brought home a $500 lead credit and bragging rights for her win. When asked about her win, she replied with, “I’m a born winner!” She also mentioned a high degree of respect for her fellow competitors, as all of them were worthy of bringing home the win.1097215_10151862951743674_1232658481_o

The weekend was a great success and the company is already looking forward to the next opportunity to come together as a whole. The Symmetry Financial Group National Conference will take place in February of 2014 at Grand Hyatt Atlanta. For more information and early registration, go to

Get Your Career Back on Track with These 5 Tips for Increasing Insurance Sales

Author: Symmetry Financial Group

If you are in the insurance business, you likely have those days, weeks, or even months, where you feel like no matter what you do, you just can’t make the sale. You are not alone. Even the most successful insurance agents and agency representatives have lost their selling rhythm at one point or another in their professional careers. The key is to recognize that your sales slump is a temporary situation and work to minimize it. So if you happen to be feeling like you’re stuck in a rut and need a little help to get out of a sales slump, here are five ways to get your career back on track and start enjoying success.

1.     Take a Mental Break

When sales are low, the pressure to succeed mounts. If success is not achieved, it can be discouraging and lead to lowered expectations and a lack of motivation. Don’t let a temporary rough patch erode your confidence in your ability to achieve success. Instead, take a short break and focus on something you enjoy. Rather than worry about whether you will close the next sale, give yourself some time off and enjoy an outing with your family or friends. Surrounding yourself with people you love and enjoy spending time with will be an instant mood booster.

Before heading back to work, be sure give your brain a mental reset. The past is the past. Go to your next sales appointment with a fresh perspective. Don’t set yourself up for failure by expecting poor sales. Instead, treat each lead as a new opportunity and go to each appointment with a fresh, optimistic outlook.

2.     Evaluate Your Lead Source

When leads aren’t expecting you or have no idea what you are talking about, it can be next to impossible to close a sale, let alone get your foot in the door. Your agency should be providing you with legitimate, verified insurance leads who know you are coming. Handling warm leads is much easier than cold calling or randomly going door-to-door.

At Symmetry Financial Group, we cultivate our own in-house leads through a proven direct-mail system. That means our agents are put in front of families who have requested their help and are ready to buy.

3.     Talk to Your Mentors

A good insurance marketing organization will provide its agents with a strong support system. In addition to webinars, training videos and conferences, agents working with Symmetry Financial Group are able to learn from mentors who have walked in their shoes. Reach out to a mentor and talk to them about the challenges you are facing. Chances are they have faced the same challenges and have successfully overcome them. Listen to your mentor and don’t be afraid to ask for advice.

4.     Assess Your Body Language

Whether consciously or subconsciously, your body language tells a lot about you. Your body language provides subtle signals to a lead that is used in forming their opinion of you and your expertise. When you are feeling discouraged or are not confident, a poor posture and weak handshake can be the result, and those will quickly give you away. When meeting with a lead, be sure to take stock of your body language. Don’t clench your fists. Sit up straight, yet comfortable. Extend a handshake. Try not to cross your arms and legs (this conveys you have something to hide). Look at the person when they are speaking to you (don’t shift your eyes around the room). Don’t fidget by tapping your feet, twirling your pen, doodling, picking at your nails, or otherwise.

5.     Don’t Sell Anything

One of the worst things you can do when selling insurance is try too hard. When you have a lead that is already interested in your services and has requested that you contact them, the sale comes naturally. Instead of trying to sell a product, approach leads as a consultant. They are looking for an expert to help them decide which type of insurance best suits their needs, finances and lifestyle. Don’t talk over your lead. Let them drive the conversation. Listen to their needs; let them tell you what they want, and be the expert consultant that they need.